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 graphic-award  Student Thesis Prize Awards

The Kavli ENSI Thesis Prize Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the best Thesis Prize. Nominations are reviewed based on the quality of the work, publication status, strength of up to two supporting letters, CV of the nominee, and relevance of the thesis to the Kavli mission. The prize will be presented biannually after the thesis deadlines in May and December of each year.

 graphic-award  Flash Talks

These events give each speaker two to five on-demand minutes to address a broad audience that includes interested students, postdocs, and professors, from physics, chemistry, and material science.

 graphic-award  Workshop on Emerging Perovskite Materials

On friday April 22, 2016, over sixty postdocs and graduate students from thirteen different groups attended the kavli ensi workshop on emerging perovskite materials. ten postdocs and graduate students gave presentations on their research on a variety of topics related to halide perovskites. topics ranged from developing new perovskite-based photovoltaic devices to synthesizing perovskite nanomaterials to novel calculations to uncovering subtleties of the electronic properties of  hybrid perovskites. each speaker was peppered with questions following their talk.

 graphic-award  Retreat on Solar Energy Fuel Generation

On Tuesday February 9, 2016, a team of 13 ensi members attended a retreat on solar energy fuel generation hosted by Eli yablonovitch and alex bell. Berkeley has the capacity to become the world leader in research on the conversion of solar energy to liquid fuels. They, Therefore, propose that this berkeley kavli retreat is needed to set research priorities and to discuss funding opportunities for a major scientific and engineering effort devoted to the chemical storage of solar energy.

 graphic-award  Kavli ENSI Inaugural Symposium

On Janurary 15-16 2015, nearly 200 graduate students, postdocs, and researchers came to berkeley lab to discuss the latest in nanoscience advances and to celebrate the endowment of the kavli energy nanoscience institute (ENSI) at berkeley lab and uc berkeley.

 graphic-award  Inaugural Symposium 2015 - Paul Alivisatos Opening Speech Video

 graphic-award  Inaugural Symposium 2015 - Ribbon Cutting Event Video


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