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Student Thesis Prize Awards

 graphic-award  Student Thesis Prize Awards

The Kavli ENSI Thesis Prize Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the best Thesis Prize. Nominations are reviewed based on the quality of the work, publication status, strength of up to two supporting letters, CV of the nominee, and relevance of the thesis to the Kavli mission. The prize will be presented biannually after the thesis deadlines in May and December of each year.


Past Recipients

2015 - 2016 Kelsey Sakimoto

Inorganic-Biological Hybrids for Solar-to-Chemical Production


 Noah Bronstein

2014 - 2015 Dr. Noah Bronstein

Material and Optical Design Rules for High Performance Luminescent Solar Concentrators

2014 - 2015 Dr. Daniel Goldman

A Convenient Partnership: The Ribosome and the Nascent Chain Interact to Modulate Protein Synthesis and Folding

2013 - 2014  Dr. Long Ju

 Optical Spectroscopy of Two Dimensional Graphene and Boron Nitride

2013 - 2014 Dr. Ziliang Ye 

Probing Optical 'Dark' Effects in Artificial and Natural Nano-Structures




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