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Alessandra Lanzara

Professor of Physics

Dr. Alessandra Lanzara is the Charles Kittel Professor of Physics at the University of California Berkeley and Senior Faculty Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  She is also the Chair of the American Physical Society Far West Section and the Director of the International School of Non-Equilibrium Phenomena at the Ettore Majorana Institute in Italy.  She serves in several scientific councils such as the National Research Council of Italy.

She is a founder of a quantum detection company, QUAD. Lanzara has made groundbreaking contributions to the fundamental physics of quantum materials. Her accomplishments include discovery of spin momentum locking and electron-phonon interaction in high temperature superconductors, studies of symmetry breaking in graphene resulting in ability to drive bandgap and Fermi velocity engineering; discovery of spin orbit entanglement and spin photocurrents with high efficient optical control in topological insulators.  She has also developed novel methods for the synthesis of large size graphene wafers and developed novel state of the art tools for detection and direct imaging of spin in materials. She serves in the Editorial Board of Europhysics Letters, Nature- Scientific Reports and Solid State Communication.  

Dr. Lanzara has been recognized for her accomplishments, with several awards such as the Fibonacci Prize, the Marie Goepert Award from the American Physical Society, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Shirley Award and the McMillan Prize.

Dr. Lanzara received a Bachelor's degree in Physics in 1995 from the University of Rome La Sapienza and a Ph.D. in Physics and Materials Science from the same university in 1999.  She was a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University between 1999 and 2002.  She began her career with UC Berkeley and LBNL in 2002.

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