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Trevor Roberts

2019-2020 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Naomi Ginsberg

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Naomi Ginsberg

Trevor's work focuses on uncovering the mechanisms of energy transport in a range of light harvesting materials using ultrafast spectroscopy techniques. Correlating such materials’ morphology with their energetic landscape and transport functionality necessitates optical resolution on both spatial scales relevant to structural heterogeneities and temporal scales relevant to transport in the vicinity of such heterogeneities. By utilizing a time-resolved ultrafast super-resolution microscopy technique (time-resolved ultrafast STED, or TRUSTED), we have the capability to probe both the relevant time and length scales of excitation diffusion to characterize the extent structural anomalies like defects impede energy transport. In collaboration with the Alivisatos group, he will study semiconductor nanocrystal assemblies with varying degrees of predicted electronic coupling to elucidate the nature by which and the degree to which defects hamper energy transport in these distinct regimes.


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