UC BERKELEY - KAVLI ENSI Graduate Student Fellowship in Nanoscience

In 2019, the Kavli Institute established the UC Berkeley - Kavli ENSI Graduate Student Fellowship in Nanoscience. Linked to the prestigious multi-year fellowship competition administered by UC Berkeley’s Graduate Division, this award will be an important recruiting tool to help attract new graduate student talent from around the world to this promising area of nanoscience research.  This is a four- year fellowship with support for each student of $50,000/year. While the Graduate Division’s support will provide full funding for the first two years, the Kavli ENSI will provide an additional two years of full funding. Each student’s home department will be responsible for any funding beyond year four. 

Candidates for the Kavli ENSI Fellowship in Nanoscience will participate in a campus-wide, cross-disciplinary competition for multi-year fellowships administered by the Graduate Division. This competition is recognized as one of the pillars of Berkeley’s comprehensive excellence, as uniformly high standards are applied to the nominees from all programs — including the range of fields that intersect with nanoscience research, including chemistry, engineering, physics, and environmental science. 

The Kavli ENSI faculty will lead a review of top-ranked graduate students who have accepted an offer to study at Berkeley, and whose intended research advances our work in nanoscience, to determine which of these exceptional students will be named Kavli ENSI Graduate Student Fellowship recipients.