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Reticular Chemistry of Mesoscopic Constructs, Glasses and Weaving Materials

 Dr. Yingbo Zhao

Advisor: Professor Omar Yaghi, Department of Chemistry

Zhao’s dissertation focuses on the development of reticular chemistry, where molecular building blocks are linked into extended frameworks using strong bonds, in the context of nanomaterial design. Specifically, the dissertation advances the frontier of reticular chemistry is three aspects: (a) bringing metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs), the products of reticular chemistry, into nanometer size regime and integrating them into mesoscopic constructs; (b) developing reticular chemistry beyond crystalline materials and synthesizing glassy form of MOFs; (c) Designing woven frameworks where interlacing molecular threads form crystalline three-dimensional frameworks. These developments not only provide a series of porous building blocks for nanomaterial design, but also lead to energy related applications such as electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction.

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