2019 Open House and Poster Session

The annual Kavli-ENSI poster session at UC Berkeley brings together leading research groups in the field of energy and nanoscience for a morning filled with scientific conversation. The event held on September 13, 2019, attracted over 70 members from the Berkeley scientific community to view and interact with the 22 research groups currently in the institute. Research presented at the session ranged from creating new theoretical frameworks to describe interesting phenomena, developing cutting edge computational tools in both classical and quantum regimes, exciting spectroscopies to better understand efficient light-harvesting architectures and exotic two-dimensional materials, synthesis of novel materials relevant to light-harvesting and energy storage, and more. This event not only provides the opportunity to showcase the successes and current strides of each group but also allows researchers to leverage the wide range of expertise present to better understand challenges in their own research and perhaps even strike up a collaboration. 

If you are interested in further information on Kavli ENSI’s programs, affiliated faculty, and areas of supported research, please email the Program Manager, Negest Williams, at kavli-ensi@berkeley.edu.