Kavli ENSI Heising-Simons Junior Fellowship


No Late Nominations Accepted

The Kavli Energy NanoScience Institute (ENSI) invites department chairs, faculty advisors, professors and research scientists to submit nominations for the HEISING-SIMONS JUNIOR FELLOWSHIP, established in 2016, at the University of California, Berkeley. These two-year postdoctoral fellowships are designed to attract the most talented and promising young researchers in nanoscale science to the Kavli Energy NanoScience Institute at Berkeley. Fellows will work in partnership with one or more Kavli ENSI faculty sponsors on innovative projects advancing the mission of Kavli ENSI. Heising-Simons Junior Fellows are expected to begin their Fellowship shortly after being awarded their Ph.D. Applications will be evaluated on the qualifications of the candidate, the quality and originality of the proposed research, and the commitment of the faculty sponsor(s). Preference will be given to candidates in interdisciplinary areas of nanoscience.  Up to two Fellowships will be awarded. The Institute provides a starting stipend of $62,000, with an increase in the second year. Kavli ENSI Heising-Simons Fellows also receive a research fund of $50,000 per annum to be used in support of research during the Fellowship.

THE KAVLI ENERGY NANOSCIENCE INSTITUTE at the University of California, Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

is dedicated to studying how nature manages energy at the nanoscale and to developing entirely new ways to capture, store, and harness energy for the world’s growing population. For more information, see kavli.berkeley.edu/.

NOMINATIONS may be submitted by faculty and PhD-level research scientists from around the world and are not limited to faculty at UC Berkeley. Nominators should submit a letter addressing the nominee's qualifications and potential to make contributions to the field of nanoscale science. Letters of nomination should be submitted on institutional letterhead and include the following information: nominee’s full legal name; nominee’s PhD institution and (expected) date of PhD; nominee’s current institution, if different; nominee’s current email address; nominator’s title and email address. 

KAVLI ENSI HEISING-SIMONS JUNIOR FELLOWS must have at least one Kavli ENSI faculty sponsor. The Kavli ENSI sponsor will play a role in overseeing the Fellow’s progress and helping to integrate them into the activities of Kavli ENSI. Eligible nominees will be invited to apply for the Fellowship and to contact prospective Kavli ENSI faculty sponsors to discuss their proposed research (see kavli.berkeley.edu/people).


Please submit letters of nomination (pdf format preferred) to: kavli-ensi@berkeley.edu. Upon notification of their nomination, nominees will be asked to submit their full applications by no later than October 31, 2023. Direct applications are not accepted. Candidates will be notified of the results of the competition between mid-December and mid-February. For further information on the Heising-Simons Junior Fellowship, please see kavli.berkeley.edu/.