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Kavli ENSI Programs

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Established in 2016, the Kavli ENSI Heising-Simons Junior Fellowships are two-year postdoctoral fellowship positions designed to attract the most talented and promising young researchers in nanoscale science.


Established in 2016, the Kavli ENSI Philomathia Graduate Fellowships are one-year graduate fellowship positions designed to give promising young researchers the opportunity to work across the disciplines of nanoscience to discover new ways in probing and/or controlling energy processes on the nanoscale.

UC BERKELEY - KAVLI ENSI Graduate Student Fellowship in Nano Science

In 2018, the Kavli ENSI established a new four-year fellowship award in nanoscience. Candidates for this fellowship will participate in a campus-wide, cross-disciplinary competition for multi-year fellowships administered by the Graduate Division. This competition is recognized as one of the pillars of Berkeley's comprehensive excellence, as uniformly high stardards are applied to the nominees from all programs - including the range of fields that intersect with nanoscience research, including chemistry, engineering, physics, and environmenal science.


The recipients of the Kavli ENSI Thesis Prize award are reviewed based on the quality of work, publication status, strength of up to two supporting letters, CV of the nominee, and relevance of the thesis to the Kavli mission. The prize will be presented biannually after the thesis deadlines in May and December of each year. 


An exchange program between the Winton Program for Physics of Sustainability (Winton Program) at the University of Cambridge and the Kavli Energy NanoScience Institute (Kavli ENSI) was established in 2016 to promote and further academic links between the two institutions. In that time, this partnership has produced a shared commitment to exchange ideas and solutions in order to advance science through joint workshops, sharing resources, and academic exchanges of postdoctoral researchers and faculty members annually. The exchange program would run a competitive processes, explore joint hires and resources, and would continue in subsequent years. 

Institute for Basic Science, South Korea - Kavli ENSI Exchange Program

In 2017, Kavli ENSI and IBS signed a memorandum of understanding to establish an informal partnership between the two organizations. The scope of the program is to develop activities that advance scholarship through cooperative relationships.

Computer Resources

Kavli ENSI provides computer resources at The Molecular Graphics and Computation Facility (MGCF) for Kavli ENSI researchers. There are two dedicated workstations for Kavli researchers at MGCF with Kavli specific software (Comsol, Lumerical, Materials Studio, Origin and Solidworks ). In addition, Kavli researchers have full access to all MGCF resources as described on the MGCF website. For access, please contact Dr. Kathy Durkin, Director of MGCF <>






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