Naomi Ginsberg

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Naomi Ginsberg is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics at UC Berkeley and a Faculty Scientist in the Physical Biosciences and Materials Sciences Divisions at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

As a scientist, Naomi is focused on visualizing ultrafast energy flow in natural and artificial light harvesting systems as well as combining electron and optical microscopies to facilitate high-resolution studies of living things and molecular interactions in solution. Naomi has a diverse background in chemistry, physics, and engineering that has led her to observe coherent and previously obscured energy transfer in light harvesting complexes from plants, to develop polarization techniques in ultrafast multidimensional spectroscopy to extract structure from electronically-coupled systems, to slow, stop, and store light pulses in some of the coldest atom clouds on Earth, and to discover, follow, and understand the interactions of superfluid nonlinear excitations.