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Justin Ondry

2019-2020 Philomathia Graduate Student Fellow
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Paul Alivisatos


Justin’s work focuses on understanding imperfect oriented attachment of semiconductor nanocrystals using transmission electron microscopy (TEM).  Oriented attachment can be used to fuse individual nanocrystals into arrays of attached nanocrystals with long range crystallographic coherence.  Unfortunately, improper attachment events can lead to dislocations and other structural defects which often have undesirable electronic properties.  Justin uses in-situ TEM to observe these defective interfaces while the defects are being annealed out of the material.  The goal is to identify ideal attachment conditions to avoid defect formation, or if they are to form, have an easy way to be removed from the material.  Once this is achieved, he intends to explore the potentially exotic electronic properties attached semiconductor nanocrystals are predicted to have. 

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