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Luis Pazos-Outon

2017-2019 Heising Simons Post Doctoral Fellow
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Eli Yablonovitch

Luis Pazos-Outon was awarded a Heising-Simons Postdoctoral Fellowship, to work at the electrical engineering department from Fall 2017 to Fall 2019. He is currently working on the development of two different, yet strongly related, projects: A thermophotonic bottle for vaccine delivery and a thermophotovoltaic device. The former uses ultra efficient LEDs to cool the inner layer of a thermos bottle to keep its contents at stable temperatures for long periods, this can be critical for vaccine delivery in developing countries. The latter aims to transform heat into electricity, using light as the heat transfer medium. This could allow to create ultralight engines for spaceship applications.

Luis’s previous work at the University of Cambridge focused on photovoltaic materials. He studied the optoelectronic properties of lead halide perovskites, and developed structures to combine singlet fission organic materials with classic inorganic semiconductors, such as crystalline silicon.

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