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Patrick Gallagher

2016-2018 Heising Simons Post Doctoral Fellow
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Feng Wang

Patrick Gallagher is an experimental physicist and a Heising-Simons Postdoctoral Fellow, appointed from Fall 2016 to Fall 2018. He studies two-dimensional (2D) systems of electrons, which can form on surfaces, at interfaces, or in atomically thin materials like graphene. Electrons confined to 2D exhibit phenomena not observed in 3D—and because a 2D system is entirely surface, with no interior, its electronic behavior can often be tuned by external perturbations such as electric fields. These properties make 2D systems attractive for fundamental studies and the development of new technologies.


Patrick’s work has most recently focused on graphene, but past work has involved electronic systems in strontium titanate and gallium arsenide. Experimental techniques include terahertz spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy, electrical measurement, and scanning probe microscopy.

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