Kavli ENSI Philomathia Graduate Student Fellowship

2022-2023 Call For Applications Is NOW CLOSED

KAVLI ENSI PHILOMATHIA GRADUATE STUDENT FELLOWSHIPS are one-yeargraduate fellowship positions designed to give promising young researchers the opportunity to work across the disciplines of nanoscience to discover new ways in probing and/or controlling energy processes on the nanoscale. Applications will be judged on the qualifications of the candidate, the quality and originality of the proposed research, the commitment and support of the faculty advisor, and the relevance to the Kavli ENSI mission. Up to four graduate fellowships will be awarded for one year, and the Institute provides a research fund of $50,000 to be used in support of research during the Kavli ENSI Philomathia Graduate Fellowship.

THE KAVLI ENERGY NANOSCIENCES INSTITUTE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is dedicated to studying how nature manages energy at the nanoscale and to developing entirely new ways to capture, store, and harness energy for the world’s growing population. For more information, see http://kavli.berkeley.edu/

A KAVLI ENSI PHILOMATHIA FELLOW APPLICANT must have secured the support of at least one Kavli ENSI faculty advisor (see

This fellowship is open to graduate students in 3rd year and beyond of their PhD program at the time of the award.


1.  Curriculum Vitae, including a complete list of publications.

2.  A one-page Research Statement. The proposal should have a major component developing or utilizing next-generation tools for imaging/control at the nanoscale. The name of the Kavli ENSI faculty advisor must be listed at the top of the proposal. Applicants must consult and work closely with their Kavli ENSI faculty advisor before submitting any materials. The research statement must not exceed one 8 1/2  x 11 inch page and must not be written in a font smaller than 11 point.

3.  Letter of support from Kavli ENSI faculty advisor.

All documents must be submitted as a single PDF file (in the above
order) as an email attachment to kavli-ensi@berkeley.edu